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Connect. Collect. Organize. Archive. Publish. Share

Replace your ring-binders with a digital version that feels like paper.

  • All the familiarity of a paper binder with the power of digital
  • Connect to OneDrive and Office 365
  • No need to change how you work
  • Bridges the gap between paper and digital
  • Have your binders with you wherever you go
  • Personalise your binder and organise it the way you want
  • Scribble and make notes on pages
  • Easy to share with friends and colleagues
  • Patented technology


  • Quickly open the original document from inside the Binder
  • Add documents from your DMS
  • Store Binders in DropBox for viewing on your iOS device


  • Add over 100 different file formats to your binder – word processing, drawings, spreadsheets, photos, presentations and many more.
  • Get started quickly by generating a new binder from your existing folders.
  • Scan your paper documents directly into your binder.
  • Easily add web content that you have found to your binder.
  • Add stationery such as lined paper, graph paper and blank sheets to capture your ideas.


  • Organize your binders into a digital library that you can take anywhere.
  • Colour code your binders so they’re easy to find on your shelves.
  • Go straight to the document you want because your digital binder is structured the way you want it.
  • You have the freedom to rearrange your digital documents with a simple drag and drop.
  • Your Digital Binder takes care of updating the table of contents for you.
  • Make more sense of your documents by adding sticky notes, underlining, highlighting and scribbling on pages.
  • Let your Digital Binder find the information you need quickly.


  • Store your binder for a later date knowing that it will be exactly as you left it.
  • Export your binder to the international archiving standard (PDF/A-1b: 2003).
  • Your digital binder is a self-contained file so you have a choice of where to keep it e.g.-in cloud storage, on a USB stick or CD.
  • If you really need to you can print out a paper copy.

Publish & Share

  • Personalise or brand your Digital Binder with your own cover design to give a professional / polished finish.
  • No more time wasted assembling paper binders.
  • Distribute your binders instantly and save the time and cost of shipping.
  • Share any part of a binder, a tabbed section, or even unstaple a document and share an individual page.
  • Create a great impression when you publish your finished binder.
  • Keep your content safe by locking your binder.
  • Your friends and colleagues can benefit from the paper-like simplicity of your Digital Binders for free on iOS / Windows.

System Requirements

The following operating systems are supported:

Microsoft Windows 7
32-bit and 64-bit with the latest service pack.

Microsoft Windows 8
32-bit and 64-bit with the latest service pack.

Microsoft Windows 10
32-bit and 64-bit with the latest service pack.

The following system specifications are required:

1.3GHz or faster processor
A minimum of 512MB of RAM
A minimum of 250MB of available hard-disk space
A minimum of 1024x768 screen resolution
The following are recommendations:

Dual-core processor
1GB or more of RAM